Saturday, 11 September 2021

2021 Summary for the Swifts

 Nest site activity recorded at:  

1.   On the front elevation of small cottages adjoining the post office - 1 pair recorded
2.   Cocking Yard - Riggs House (front and back missing this year) Hangings Farm and Twain Cottage - 2 pairs recorded
3.   Royal Hotel - Cottage - Front Elevation - 3 pairs confirmed
4.   Royal Hotel - Rear Cottage Annexe - 3 pairs confirmed
5.   Royal Hotel - Rear Cottage Annexe return - 1 pair confirmed
6.   Royal Hotel main building rear return - 1 pair
7.   The Coaching House - Gable End (North facing) Nil recorded this year (2021 and the previous year also)
8.   The Manor House - Front of House- 1 pairs confirmed
9.   The Manor House - Front attached low elevation - non recorded this year.
10.   The Manor House - Gable End (North facing) 3 pair confirmed 
11. Lowther House/Clawthorpe Hall - Rear of Lowther - 3 nest confirmed (minimum )

Total nest sites recorded

18 nest sites in total confirmed (which is a decrease of 6 nest compared to 24 back in 2019

Nest sites missing this year - compared to 2019

During 2020 only 8 nest were recorded but this was underecorded because of covid restrictions impacting on monitoring. So comparisons have been made to the next comparable which was 2019.

Riggs House (both front and back sites probaly not used)
Cottage, Royal (front elevation possibly two sites not used)
Coaching House (2 sites used in 2019 but not used in 2020 and again not used in 2021)

Arrival and departure

The first Swift arrived back at 2030hrs on Thursday 2nd May 2021, then 4 on 4th May, 6 on 7th May, 12 on 12th May and 20 on the 13th May. 

The first swifts to leave us was late July and they left in trickles over the next fortnight. The largest concentration seen was 23 on 17th August 2021 (Angela) 

2022 Additional nest site potential

Provision of additional 10 internal nest sites have already been built into the frontage and gable of the new properties recently built behind the Royal Pub. At least 8 of the nest sites were available for the 2021 season although none were used, however one of the sites was canvassed but not used. (other than two sites used by sparrows).

Planning of another 13 nest sites have been included within the planning on new properties to be built behind Boon Town.

A new property is currently being built on Vicarage Lane of which at least one internal nest box will be included. 

Observers over the 12 weeks included: Angela, Branwen, Bryan, Mary, Reg, Branwen, Edward, Hugh and Sue, Jamie, Judith, Katherine, Matthew, Paul.

Below are photos showing the various nest sites with their histories marked in red (definite) and some with yellow (unsure)

(above)The cottages next to the post office.

(above) Cocking Yard - Shows Hangings Farm, Riggs House and Twain Cottage.

(above) The Cottage - Royal Hotel - Front elevation

(above) The Royal - Cottage rear annexe and return

(above) to the rear of the main building

(above) The Manor House, Front and Gable and annexe elevations.

(above) Lowther House - Clawthorpe Hall - Ducketts

(above) Clawthorpe Hall - Ducketts Offices

(above) Clawthorpe Hall - Ducketts Offices

Potential for 2022

Riggs House, Cocking Yard
(Photo of Riggs see above photo)

(above) The Coaching House

(above) nest x 2 at back of Royal

(above) Nest x6 at back of Royal

New building back of Royal - nest x 2