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Burton Swifts - Friday 29th June 2018 and week

Swift Watch - Friday 29th June 2018 - Burton Main Street checking usual sites

Lots of great activity on the Coaching House this week with 4 sites recording for 2018 so far
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We started off from the Memorial Hall, and then moved on to Cocking Yard which turned out to be a very pleasant surprise.  Whilst observing we actually witnessed a Swift going into the left hand corner high elevation behind the barge board of Riggs House and the house owner came out and told us of another Swift nest site he had on the rear of his property and we were then kindly invited to go to the back of the house to check it out. The owner had seen a Swift entering his property on a regular bases and it was somewhere about the middle of the property on the high elevation. Not only that we were also assured by other house owners who approached us whilst in Cocking Yard that there were even more nesting pairs on another house on the right hand side and also on Hangings Farm and its adjoining property, again we were unaware of these sites so do intend to try and get some observations here over the coming couple of weeks.

We then moved on to the Royal in particular checking out the rear annexe of which we were still a bird short to fill the very large nest hole at the very top.  Sure enough tonight was one of those nights when everything was happening and before long we witnessed a bird using this site, which completes all the established nest sites that we are aware of on the rear of the Royal. Besides this one we also saw two birds enter the larger horizontal slit hole and also birds entering and leaving the small hole just above and left of the large slit hole.

Moving on to the front of the Royal and things got even better with a bird seen to enter a nest site to the LH side of the third window along on the high elevation (right hand side of building).  This again was the first time we have witnessed this site being used this year, bring the total nest sites being used on the "Royal Cottage and rear Annexed building" to a total of 9 sites which is fantastic!!

In the skies above Main Street and counted from around the Royal Areas we had a total of at least 15 birds in the skies, with plenty of small parties (up to seven in a party), screaming and chasing one another throughout the watch.

We then briefly checked out the Manor House, before going up to the rear and gable areas of The Coaching House.  We were inspired to check this area in particular because Sue had noticed a Swift leaving a new site on the rear upper elevation during the week, and sure enough we were not to be disappointed.  Although we did not see the one Sue had seen we were treated to a "grand performance" from other Swifts which had obviously occupied up to three separate sites on the gable high elevation.  We think that two of these sites are previously recorded.  So from Sues record and ours tonight we can confirm breeding in at least 4 new sites on the Coaching House which again is just fantastic!!

Tonights observers were:  Bert (welcome Bert), Mary Bullimore, Reg Hesketh, Kathryn, Bryan Yorke

Swifts of Cocking Yard as of 29th June 2018 (Click over photo to enlarge)
Swifts now confirmed on the front of the Royal Cottage (Click over photo to enlarge)

All regular sites now confirmed for 2018 (Click over photo to enlarge)
The next Swift watch will be next Thursday 5th July 2018 - Meeting at the Memorial Hall at new time of 2030hrs - Everyone Welcome  

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