Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Swift Updates for 2020 (Early Days)

Unfortunately we are unable to organise Swift meetings this year because of the restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic.

May I suggest for anyone who wishes to report any records that they use the power of the media to let others know of their sightings. If you want to send reports through to me via email ( I will gladly include within the site.

My intentions are to have exercise by walking through the Village occasionally and to briefly stop off at the usual Swift sites to try and get a rough idea of what is going on and then to post it on this site for the results to go public to anyone who wishes to follow.

Hopefully we shall have more details to report over the coming days.......

Please keep safe and well


Click here Worth checking out - watching thousands
of Swifts departing today on 28th June - going South
past the headlands at Filey. 


7th August 2020

2000hrs on 4 Swifts seen in the skies above Burton.

Also approx 1700hrs two Swifts flying over Clawthorpe Hall area presumed local.

0930hrs approx Been told by householder that they have again bred on both sides of his house in Riggs House in Cocking Yard.

0930hrs approx 25 Swifts over Burton In Kendal and presumed local by the regular chasing and screaming activity etc.

0900hrs approx 20 plus Swifts over Carnforth


3rd August 2020
At least 30 Swifts at 0900hrs in the skies above both the Royal Hotel and the Manor House


2nd August 2020

25 Swifts at 2030hrs in the skies above the Royal Hotel and Neddy Hill


30th July 2020

2100hrs at least 25 Swifts in the skies above Cocking Yard, initially had equal 7 above Royal and 6 above Manor House, but on my way back home numbers had grown to 25 approx.


Mid July 2020

Managed to see a bird entering a nest site to the left hand of the drain pipe on the front elevation.


Thursday June 11th 2020

One going into the nest at Hangings Farm in Cocking Yard now confirmed, also another one going into a nest on the opposite side (thanks to Jane for these records)


Tuesday June 2nd 2020

1000hrs: A bird seen leaving the roof eaves at the long established nest site on the Post Office Building. 

Cottages next to Post Office 
Click over to enlarge

Also showing the nest site one metre from LH side
on front of Royal Cottage

This shows the current nesting situation which we are aware of
Top left: One in small hole on rear of Royal annexe, and also one nesting on the small return of the annexe (both marked 2020). Also shows one nesting on the small extension to the back of the main building.  Also shows the one on the front of the Royal Cottage about one metre from LH.  And another on the small cottages at the side of the Post Office. 5 nest sites now confirmed.  


Monday June 1st 2020

11 Swifts in the sky between the Memorial Hall and the Royal Hotel, also another 3 seen around the Coaching House and Manor House.

Lots of banging going on tonight with several Swifts attempting to land at the gutter levels on the front of the Coaching House, just one bird actually entered a regular nest site which was about two metres from the LH side. A Jackdaw saw this banging going on and came and sat on the plastic guttering and has the Swifts attempted going into nest site the Jackdaw tried to reach down and catch them. 

Lots more immatures banging on the soffitt areas of the No.1 property directly across from the Kings. 

Wednesday May 20th 2020

6 Swifts in the sky between the Kings and Neddy Hill and back towards the bowling green.

2 Swifts went into the far top left corner of the Royal side extension.  Also another Swift went into the return on the back of the old cottage annexe, so that now brings the nest sites confirmed to 4 (all on the Royal buildings)

above shows the new recorded site tonight.  The site was confirmed to be used also in 2013


Tuesday May 12th 2020

Only 2 Swifts on show tonight at 2000hrs over
Royal/Neddy Hill and Memorial Hall


Sunday May 10th 2020

5 Swifts over back of Memorial Hall at 2015hrs
Extremely cold air


Saturday May 9th 2020

Updates after one week (May 2nd arrival):

We have 9 Swifts back on territory SO FAR!
We are aware of at least 3 established nest sites being used SO FAR!


Friday May 8th 2020 (VE Day) 

7 Swifts seen over Royal to Kings/Neddy Hill areas

And 2 Swifts entering nest site at the same time of the Royal Cottage rear annexe return

Shows todays record of nesting on return of annexe


Thursday May 7th 2020

6 Swifts seen over Main Street, Royal Hotel areas at 2015hrs 


Wednesday May 6th 2020

9 Swifts seen over Memorial Hall to Royal (increase of 2)
Also one seen going into the small nest hole on the rear of the Royal Cottage annexe.


Tuesday May 5th 2020

7 Swifts over area to back of Royal Hotel at 2015hrs. Up to 4 chasing and screaming.

5 Swifts seen over Orchard Close/Morewood/Burton Memorial at approx 1600hrs

***1 Swift seen entering a nest site *** on the front of the old Royal Cottage at approx 1100hrs (per.comms: Branwen Kilburn

3 Swifts seen over Cocking Yard and Royal at 0814hrs (per comms: Jane Phillips)


Monday May 4th 2020

2 Swifts seen above the Royal to Kings area at 1100hrs

Swifts this morning reported to be piling in-off the area of Bridport.

Over 70 Swifts (0930 to 1030hrs this morning through Nailsworth, Cotswolds, Glos .......


Sunday May 3rd 2020

3 Swifts seen over Cocking Yard at 1615hrs (per comms: Jane Phillips)

3 Swifts flying together overhead of Orchard Close/Glebe Close areas
at 1400hrs

43510 Swifts counted coming through Etang de Canet - Saint Nazaire (Pyrennes Orientales, 66) Southern France - count over 9 hours from 0630 to 1630hrs


Saturday May 2nd 2020

Our first Burton Swift arrived back with us at 1600hrs and was seen high overhead of Orchard Close.

Also a Swift seen (probably the same one) at 1945hrs above Main Street and again later at 2005hrs at the bottom of Neddy Hill (per comms: Phil Mann)


Thursday April 30th 2020

Had my first Swift of the year today at 1500hrs passing overhead to NW whilst going passed Travellers Choice Coaches near Carnforth