Friday, 15 June 2018

Burton Swifts - Thursday 14th June 2018 and week

Thursday 14th June 2018 and week - Main Street, Burton In Kendal

The weather has changed considerably in the last 12 hours having just gone through severe strong winds, although the situation was beginning to settle down again.

It was a hit and miss to see the Swifts because at times the skies seemed almost absent and then you would see a small flurry with anything between 5 and 8 birds and just a couple of occasions did we have a party of three which were screaming.  The best count of birds in the sky tonight was 11 birds.

Whilst observing from the Memorial Hall, we were lucky to see one bird leave its nest site to the left hand side of the right window of the cottage next but one to the Post Office.  Also we then checked out Cocking Yard and was able to confirm the bird using its long established site at Hangings Farm and we were told also that it is possible they are using the site on the right hand site at the drop level with the black drainpipe (this needs to be confirmed).

We then went observing at the Royal Cottage and rear annexe but had nothing to report and then continued on to the Manor House.  At the Manor House I had one bird enter the lower gable site which the starlings occupied last year.

Tonight's observers were: Reg and May Hesketh, Hugh and Sue Miles and Bryan Yorke.

Here are photos showing the progress to date:

Shows nest site recorded tonight on the cottages on the Post Office Buildings block (Click over to enlarge)

Shows nest site recorded tonight on the "Hangings Farm" in Cocking Yard (Click over to enlarge)

Shows Records so far this year on the Manor House (Click over to enlarge)

Shows records so far this year on the Royal Hotel Cottage (front elevation) (Click over to enlarge)

Shows records so far this year on rear annexe of the Royal Cottage building (Click over to enlarge)

The next Swift watch will be next Thursday 21st June 2018 - Meeting at the Memorial Hall at 2000hrs - Everyone Welcome