Friday, 19 May 2017

Burton Swift Watch 18th May 2017 Week

Saturday 20th May 2017 - Updates

Yesterday I went along to the Manor House to try and get a photo of the Sentinel Starling, but there was none of the adult birds present and now wondering if perhaps the young Starlings have left the nest.  I will try and check again soon.  Whilst there though I did have two separate Swifts leave the building from nest sites although I could not be exact as to which nest holes they were using.  I am sure time will tell, but its all good news!

Also more good news to report from Jane who noticed that two birds have been seen in Cockin Yard and that the nest site on "Hangings Farm" is again being used.

Thursday 18th May 2017 - Main Street, Burton In Kendal 1900hrs to 2030hrs

It proved again rather difficult to count the Swifts, but we did manage to get 15 at one time whilst we watched initially from the Memorial Hall, then we did have other small groups of birds seen over the Royal and Kings areas and again up to ten birds over the Manor House/Coaching House areas. Probably in total we may have had about 25 birds but for now we will settle for 15 for the records.

It was interesting to note that a couple of birds were constantly showing interest to the area close to the top of Neddy Hill close to the rear of David's house.  We will try and keep a eye on this because David informed the group that Swifts did in the not too distant past used to nest on the building behind him.

We moved on to the Royal and we did see two separate birds go into two nest sites on the front of the Royal Cottage so we now know that things have started moving there.

Edward who lives at the Manor House said he thought he saw Swifts entering the front of his house during the earlier part of the week although he was not absolutely sure at this stage. Of special interest tonight and something most of us had never seen before was to see a Starling standing guard over the entrance to it's nest site which also happened to be a long established nest site (each year since 2014) of the Swift.  The Starling would just stand there blocking off the hole and making sure the Swift could not get admittance!  It's one of the oldest established Swift sites on the Manor House and close to the bottom corner on the gable end. Tonight we watched has a pair of Swifts constantly flew in direction to the nest site whilst screaming at the same time and then would veer off just at the last second because the hole was blocked by the Starling. It was thought perhaps the young starlings in this nest would hopefully fledge in the next few days and hopefully vacate the nest site so the Swifts could then take over.

Tonights watchers included: David Craig, Judith and Edward Ellis, Reg Hesketh, Sue and Hugh Miles, Bryan Yorke

The next Swift watch will be next Thursday 25th May 2017 - Meeting at the Memorial Hall at 1900hrs - Everyone Welcome