Thursday, 11 May 2017

Burton Swift Watch Thursday 11th May 2017 Week

Thursday 18th May 2017 - 1500hrs - Clawthorpe Hall

2 Swifts seen high above Clawthorpe Hall

Burton Swift Watch - Thursday 11th May 2017 - 1900hrs to 2000hrs

We met at the Burton Memorial Hall and tried to count the Swifts.  We did manage to count at least 17 birds.  When we went further down Main Street we also managed to count up to 10 birds high around the Kings Arms and a further 7 birds above the Manor House.  Although it does suggest there could well have been more birds than 17 we counted,  we decided we will stick with what we know is a definite count rather than speculate! so for now its 17.

We checked out most of the usual nesting sites but no birds were seen to enter any of the sites, although at the commencement of our watch we did see a bird (bumping) or hitting the area (of a established nest site) on the end cottage on the same row as the post office but the bird decided not to actually enter the nest site and flew off. This attempt was seen on three separate occasions

The birds seemed high up tonight although odd screaming parties were witnessed.

Watchers tonight included: David Craig, Reg Hesketh, Branwen Kilburn, Hugh and Sue Miles, Jane Phillips, Bryan Yorke.

The next Swift watch will be next Thursday 18th May 2017 - Meeting at the Memorial Hall at 1900hrs - Everyone Welcome