Thursday, 3 August 2017

Burton Swift Group - Thursday 3rd August 2017 and week

Checking out the Swifts Wed 9th August 2017 - Main Street at 2015hrs

Just a single Swift tonight flying West over Neddy Hill. Weather Dry, blue skies etc.

A very interesting link you may wish to check out Re: Migrating Birds not being able to take into consideration the change in earlier Spring dates which we seem to be getting on account of global warming, the link is here:

To check the Migrating Birds link   PLEASE CLICK HERE 

Checking out the Swifts Tues 8th August 2017 - Main Street at 2030hrs

A lovely surprise to see 26 Swifts flying above the Memorial Hall, Neddy Hill Areas.  I still think the bulk of the Swifts may well have left us on Sunday last, but time will tell.

Checking out the Swifts Mon 7th August 2017 - Main Street at 2030hrs

Just 2 Swifts tonight, and although far too early to confirm it does look like the bulk of the Swifts may well have set off sometime during Sunday (6th August) on their long journey back to Africa. They probably went off in advance of the wet weather front we had during that day. 20 Martins observed over the Tanpits- Morewood Drive areas

Checking out the Swifts Mon 7th August 2017 - Main Street at 0900hrs

No Swifts seen over a 20 minute check up throughout Main Street, just the odd Swallow and Martin. Weather dry with blue sky (at the present)

Checking out the Swifts Sun 6th August 2017 - Main Street at 2045hrs

Not one single bird! but the weather was bad with heavy rain showers.

Checking out the Swifts Sat 5th August 2017 - Main Street at 2030hrs

Best count was 35 birds very high above Memorial Hall to Manor House with 26 at the Memorial Hall end and a further 9 over the Manor House Area

Checking out the Swifts Fri 4th August 2017 - Main Street at 2030hrs

Best count was at 26 birds with a screaming party of 8 birds.

Burton Swift Group - Thr 3rd August 2017 week - Main Street 2000hrs to 2100hrs

We met at the Memorial Hall were we witnessed lots of birds right from go with large parties screaming in the skies.  It was one of those nights were they seemed to be everywhere.

The best count tonight was 46 in the sky all at once but there could well have been more, because as we walked along Main Street towards the Manor House we saw even more parties of birds.

I don't know whether this will be the maximum count this year, but I would not be surprised if that was the case, however we will try to monitor them as the days pass and hopefully we can meet up again next week.

Tonight's observers included: Mary Bullimore, Reg Hesketh, Hugh and Sue Miles and Bryan Yorke.

The next (and probably the final of the year) Swift watch will be next Thursday 10th August 2017 - Meeting at the Memorial Hall at 2000hrs - Everyone Welcome