Friday, 14 July 2017

Burton Swift Watch - Thursday 13th July 2017 and week

Tuesday 18th July 2017 - Main Street - 0800hrs

Whilst passing through the village I noticed quite a lot of birds in fact I would say there must have been no less than 40 but could well have been more.  They were very active and feeding up at low levels. Plenty of chasing going on. Probably the best quantitive I have seen in the village now for some time.

Mon 17th July 2017 - Ducketts - Builders Office, Clawthorpe Hall, Burton In Kendal 1200hrs to 1220hrs

Just did a short watch over about 20 minutes today and counted four aerial birds, so with sitters I would imagine we must have at least three nest sites yet again at Clawthorpe Hall.  It can be a tricky place to count because also there are plenty of House Martins and Swallows nesting there. At one stage there were literally scores of mixed hirundines and Swifts together and why do you think this was? I could hear a Peregrine and when I looked up you could see a adult with a young bird calling almost continually to the adult bird. So you can guess the commotion we had.  But it was strange because the skies were almost empty and yet within seconds there seemed to be birds everywhere!!

Burton Swift Watch -Thr 13th July 2017 - Main Street, Burton In Kendal 2000hrs to 2115hrs

We met at the Memorial Hall at 2000hrs, it was cooler with more wind about and yet the birds still managed to be at high altitudes, yet we still had good numbers of Swifts in the skies and did manage to count no less than 22 aerial birds at one point, but there could well have been more.  Whilst stood at various watching points (Memorial Hall, Opposite the Royal Cottage and opposite the Manor House) we had small parties of birds low and screaming.  We did have one party with nine birds chasing one another, it was a pleasure to see them.
We did see activity on the front of the Royal Cottage (low elevation) and also on the Manor House with birds entering or leaving their nest sites. One of the remaining two sites we were still missing birds on the Royal has now been confirmed, so all in all now we have just the one site on the Royal that has still to be confirmed. We do seem to have caught up nicely with occupation numbers although after saying that we are still down at the three sites on the Coaching House (one at the front and/or the two 2016 sites on the gable side.  We have as yet not been able to confirm occupation at any of these sites.

Everyone enjoyed the watch which was observed tonight by: David Craig, Reg Hesketh, Hugh and Sue Miles, Angela Sumner and Bryan Yorke.

We have been invited by the Parish Council to give a short talk about the Swifts and other birds in Burton prior to the Parish Council Meeting next Thursday evening (20th) and should anyone be interested they are most welcome to attend and this will take place at 1900hrs at the Memorial Hall.

The next Swift watch will be next Thursday 20th July 2017 - Meeting at the Memorial Hall at 2000hrs - Everyone Welcome