Friday, 15 July 2016

Burton Swift Watch 14th July 2016 week

We did a rough count of Swifts in the air whilst we all met up at the Burton Memorial Hall and we did manage to get to around the 30 mark which is quite a high count.  It was clear that the feeding over Burton was very popular.

We then proceeded to Clawthorpe Hall to try and ascertain just how many birds were nesting there.
In addition to the nest already recorded three weeks ago, we were fortunate to also record two additional sites, one on the old Clawthorpe Hall property (now residence) and also one on the side elevation to the Duckett's Building Services Offices.  We now think that we have at least three pairs nesting at Clawthorpe Hall, although without doubt there is plenty of potential for more sites should the birds require it.

Not only are the Swifts doing well there, but there is also two or more pairs of Swallows nesting under the canopies of the converted properties, could well be more.

Another interesting spectacle was to see large numbers of House Martins above the site.  Maybe up to around the thirty mark.  We never witnessed any of them coming down to the viewing side of the property, so we are not sure whether or not they are actually nesting there or that they are visiting on account of a good feeding area.

It was a pleasure for all of us to meet Mr. Ed Duckett the owner of the property who is very positive to encourage the Swifts and hirundines around his buildings and we are so thankful for his kind efforts.  He has been able to make provision for the nesting sites within the converted buildings which was great to see and thus provides a safe home for the birds when they return each year from Africa.

We also had the privilege to meet Alice one of the nearby residents who told us how much pleasure she gets from seeing the Swifts, Swallows and Martins and also remarked "Where have all my Goldfinches gone"

Tonights observers were: Reg Hesketh, Hugh and Sue Miles and Bryan Yorke

(Photos to follow soon)