Friday, 3 July 2015

July 2nd 2015

Details of our observations Thursday 2nd July 2015, all activity was on Royal Hotel,
mainly on the Annexe return and also at the front of the Royal.
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Thursday 2nd July 2015 - Swift Observations - Off Main Street, Burton In Kendal 2000hrs to 2130hrs.

We met up at the Memorial Hall (Reg, David and Myself), we looked up to the skies and counted a maximum of nine birds present.  We did later see a chasing screaming party of about 5 or 6 birds. From the Memorial Hall it did look like there could have been birds dropping into Cocking Yard but we could not confirm for sure.

We checked out all the regular sites.  We did see activity at the Royal at a couple of points on the front of the building.  But the jewel came when we actually saw a bird leave its nest on the return side of the annexe building.  This was a site used last year and to get confirmation that it is being used this year is really good news.

Although several birds did cross over the Manor and the Coach House we did not actually see any of them enter any of the known sites.

David showed us the rear of Reeder Cottage and Neddy Hill Cottage, and told us that during the past week he had observed Swifts going up to the under eaves of these properties and we were all left wondering whether or not these had been immature birds actually prospecting possible sites for breeding for next year.  This is a well known fact that they do this sort of thing.